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Tap into a Global Network of Conscious People
​Connect with healers, artists, conscious entrepreneurs, yogis, authors, tantrics, dancers, activists, journalists and more - All on a mission to be the truest versions of themselves, inspire others and change the world.
​Weekly invitation to Inner Circle Live
Practice new ways of meditating, breathing, moving, thinking and being, ask questions and share your thoughts. Join discussions about activism, freedom and other topics on our live interactive sessions.
Knowledge from the Masters
Every week you get to ask your questions to a guest teacher that is going to answer them on the spiritual teachers of our time live interviews.
​Think back to a time when...
You suddenly woke up to understand, sense or perceive something that

Hyperdimensional matrix
Hidden Wisdom
Sacred Sexuality
Energy Healing
Inner Peace
But they didn't want to listen to you...
The sad truth is, most people don’t want to face the truth. 

Because it forces them to examine their own limiting beliefs and bad habits. And not everyone can handle that.
You so often lose the ability to enjoy some things and people you love because you have this new perspective.
​But now imagine if you had hundreds of people cheering you on.
All of them encouraging you to grow.
They get you and are happy to support you.

They keep you present and focused on what really 
matters every day. They help you push through any obstacle in your way.

Today, you'll discover how to connect with them.
Here's the best part:
It doesn't matter what challenges or goals you have.
• Heal traumas or overcome anxiety
• Learn more about spirituality, yoga, Hidden Wisdom, meditation and energy healing
• Learn ways of opting out of the matrix
• Get rid of addictions
• Make the world a better place
• Decentralize Your Life
• Live with more freedom
• Network, Collaborate and Create synergies
• Have deeper relationships
• Celebrate life
​In a moment you will see how you can join a group of conscious people who are happy to support you and hold space for you.

So that you can be your truest self and unleash your full potential.
Before I get into the details, let me first introduce myself.
Hi, I'm Jofy I'm Alive, Founder of the @Elevation.Tribe, host of the @spiritual.teachers.of.our.time podcast, and singer-songwriter @imfuckinalive.

Over the past 10 years, I've been traveling the world and connecting with thousands of consciously awake human beings from all different elements of life.

 I encourage people to surpass their limits and become active co-creators of the world around us while going inwards to gain a more profound understanding of themselves.
I started by sharing information through music, putting out my own songs, expressing myself in different styles and playing hundreds of live shows internationally.
From there I also began instructing what is now tens of thousands in an ever-growing community through online courses, video presentations, radio shows, retreats, workshops, conscious events, festivals and a Healing Center in Portugal.
But it wasn't always like this.
​About a decade ago I was drowning in total depression. I was surrounded by negative people and my friends would laugh every time I would try to express my love for life, or talk about energy healing, spirituality or conspiracies.

I felt that I didn't belong here, that something was wrong with me. I felt completely alone in the world.
But when I changed my vibe I attracted my tribe
After spending years of re-thinking everything that I had learned, deprogramming myself, overcoming limiting beliefs and practicing techniques I had learned from an Indian Teacher, I started to live blissfully and attracted completely different people and situations in my life.

Suddenly I was helping people to heal and sharing knowledge with them. And I started to join forces with like-minded friends to change the world and celebrate this life.
These people started to be my new tribe. They were determined to break out of the zombie-like state so many people are in and take the most out of life.
And when this community comes together, magic happens.
For example, we created the DDR academy and the Elevation Tour, combining workshops, conferences, concerts, activism and much more to provide the tools to transcend social and cultural conditioning and contribute to the elevation of the collective consciousness.

Over a thousand people transformed their lives through these initiatives.

And I learned a valuable lesson on how to quickly go from feeling “stuck” to
Whom You Surround Yourself With,
You Become
​...but most people will discourage you and insist that you should be realistic and happy with how things are.

The sad truth is, most people don’t want you to improve. They don’t want you living an extraordinary life. Why?

Because it forces them to examine their own limiting beliefs, their habits, and their BS. And not everyone can handle that.

So our society can be like a bucket of crabs. When one tries to crawl out, the others pull it down.
Helen Bougioukos
"I love that everyone is sharing their ups and downs. We not only learn from our own struggles but through each other."
"What I found was a beautiful family of people that share the same vision"
Janneke Hellbreaker
"I love to connect with people here on the Elevation Tribe, because we are all one tribe, we are all one family."
An “online neighbourhood” for conscious people who want to 
connect, grow, and be their truest versions.
​The Elevation Tribe is an online meeting place for people who refuse to settle for a mediocre life.

It's made up of healers, artists, activists, conscious entrepreneurs, yogis, authors, tantrics, dancers and more from all over the world.

It’s a place to meet high vibration friends and mentors.

Together, you’ll explore new practices and ideas around meditation, breathwork, health, relationships, purpose, agorism, energy healing and more.

You’ll eliminate the limiting beliefs and self-doubt that’s been holding you back.

And you’ll get the clarity, the focus, the motivation and the safest place to be your authentic self.

So that you can truly understand and appreciate life.

Here’s exactly what you get when you...
This is our weekly online circle, led by one of our tribe leaders where you and other members will gather for a live video conference call. Here we will dive deep.
Every week we do different practices together and you'll discover new ways of thinking, meditating, breathing, moving, eating and living. Then you can ask questions, share your thoughts, emotions, needs or goals.
1st week of the month: Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time Guests Webinar
2nd week: Polarities Webinar (Embodying Feminine & Masculine Energies)
3d week: Freedom Call (We discuss Freedom, Activism and Conspiracies. Focusing on the solutions on a personal and collective level)
4th week: Tribe Circle Call
Then with the power of mass collective conscious intention, we create an energy space ship for healing, loving and manifesting where we all add energy and focus our intention on things that were asked by the tribe's members.
Each session can help you take different aspects of your being to the next level. One insight here can alter your life forever and together we can have a huge impact in this world.

Braunschweig, Germany
2. Access to the Elevation 
Global Community

Every Tribe member will have access to a private Facebook group.

Each week, we release thought provoking questions and challenges to the group.

These will help you get clarity on who you are and what matters to you.

It is our mission to create an environment where you come to grow.

You are encouraged to share your thoughts, challenges and emotions from a place of vulnerability, openness and trust. Among brothers and sisters who are here to support you. 

You will be improving yourself week after week. It's both enlightening and will shoot your confidence through the roof.

Elevation Tour Teacher
Choreographer, Yoga Teacher, Movement Artist
London, England
3. The complete Consciousness Elevation Repository of Knowledge.

This is a collection of the best videos, blogs, audios, articles, and e-books.

Learn all about: meditation, reality decoding, deprogramming, activism, movement, sovereignty, health, spirituality, yoga, tantra, hipnosis, the occult, conspiracies, conscious art, poetry and more.

This is an enormous amount of material.

All the information you need ALL IN ONE PLACE!

No need to endlessly search the Internet. How much would THAT be worth to you?
4. Infinite Knowledge from 
The Teachers Of Our Time

Every week you get to ask your questions to a guest teacher that is going to answer them on The Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time live interviews.

This means you're not only learning from our inner circle teachers and from the community but also from new guest teachers, week after week.
Speaker at the Elevation Tour
Journalist, Speaker, Author
Austin, Texas, USA
5. Advanced Access to the Elevation Tribe Events

Every month we host online and offline events including group meditations, challenges, workshops, and retreats to help you align with your purpose and make a greater impact.

As a member, you get advanced access and you also get to see exclusive footage from our talks and workshops.
6. Get a 10% Elevation
Tribe Discount
Get 10% off on all our events, courses, shop, music, consultations and merchandising.

This includes our premium courses and the private consultations packs, you can join this courses no matter where you live and since they sell for hundreds of dollars the money you save can easily pay for you tribe membership.
7. Directly Supporting the
Elevation Tribe's Initiatives

By subscribing you are DIRECTLY funding our efforts.

We are an independent media and education company that is powered by the people, for the people.

Your support will help cover the costs to continue to grow and provide the world with conscious media and personal development training.
we believe in:
Creating a collective experience that awakes us to the feeling that we are in all things, and all things are in us.

Overcoming fears and living in alignment.

Learning and growing. We challenge our thoughts and beliefs without judging others.

Welcoming ideas. We are willing to challenge our beliefs and grow.

Making a positive impact on the world around us

If these ideas resonate with you, then the Elevation Tribe can be a great gift.

There’s no step-by-step path or set modules. 

There’s no roadmap because everyone’s life is different. 

We'll give you out-of-the-box ideas to explore. And the support,
tools, focus, love and motivation to make your dreams a reality.

But the parts of your life you decide to improve are up to you.
We police this community heavily. 

Anyone being negative, whining or complaining will be removed. 

This is a place to share ideas and support each other. If someone is preaching, being close-minded or just acting like a punk they’ll be escorted out. 
How does billing work?
You will automatically be billed every 30 days or once a year depending on the payment plan you choose. 

If you decide to cancel, let us know before the next billing cycle, and you will not be charged.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?
If you cancel within 30 days of joining, you’ll get a full refund. 

But keep in mind, if you cancel, you lose access to the community and all its perks.
get 2 months for FREE 
Many online communities charge $67-97/month for a membership. And they only help you with one area of life (business, fitness, meditation, etc.) 

Tribe can uplevel every area of your life. 

So it could easily be worth $97. 

But this community is about bringing people together. 

So I wanted to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible. 

That’s why you can join today for only $19 a month. 

That’s less than you’d pay for a good meal at a restaurant. 

And one month with us can transform your life a heck of a lot more than a dinner out. 

But that’s not all. 

You can also get two month FREE if you join for a full year and invest $190 today.

2 Month FREE
per Year

Monthly Membership

per Month

Try it Risk-Free for 30-Days
Tribe comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Try it out for yourself. 

Join the weekly circle.

Go through all videos and tools.

Engage with the community and get the clarity, confidence, and kick in the butt to take your life to the next level. 

If you’re not, saying “This is the best group ever. How did I ever get anything done without it!?” then email our support team and we’ll give you a full refund. 

It doesn’t matter which option you choose -- one month or one year. If you let us know within 30-days you’ll get every penny back.
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